favorite football players

champion’s league is back and finally here they are again, those attractive young men in shorts running after balls. the homo-erotic component of football has long been established, but to me, although i do not deny it categorically, this does not seem to be the main attraction. i like some players, i do! i do! but i notice, that i tend to like players for their personalities, and their looks mostly are irrelevant to me. i did say mostly [see nesta].

i prefer a robbie fowler [who has been known to sniff a penalty line in a goal celebration or who went up to a referee to say it had not been a penalty, even though it had been whisteled in his favor] over the spice boys beckham, owen, smith and the likes. and even i can tell, that fowler is not half as good-looking.

so here are my favorite players and why:

saviola [barcelona]: they call him ‘conejo’, the rabbit, but that seems strange. classy, streetsmart, intuitive, tough, despite his small physical build, and always good for a surprise. when he runs in his typical way, arms up and close, my paternal instincts get awakened. i want to cuddle him after he made a goal.

el-hadji diouf [liverpool]: the archetypal big-mouth! likes to make very very very bald claims. off the pitch: always having fun, just an outrageous, ecstatic guy. when he walks onto the pitch he transforms into a warrior. the ball practically glued to his feet, a very instinctive player.

thierry henry [arsenal]: pure class and elegance and as a personality he kept a very humble attitude. he always seems surprised himself, when he makes one of these outrageous goals. totally in the zone. instinctive and physical. athletic.

fadiga [auxerre]: this guy is so much fun to watch. he has the best smile and seems to really love to dribble his oponents. a player in all respects, he is often taking too much risk. and then of course he got caught stealing in japan. nuts!

nesta [ac milan]: the greatest defender in the world right now. class and elegance. huge strength, which he makes look effortless.
and then his looks…. *melt*
if i was a girl i would stalk this guy, untill they gave me a restraining order

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