musical potpurri – and not the smelly kind

:flash: today the first official mr. scruff mixcd will get released: keep it solid steel vol. 1.
keep it solid steelreleased as part of the solid steel series on ninja tune it looks and reads fantastic.
and no *grml*i have not heard it yet. i must be on all the wrong promo mailing lists.
but i am so sure its good. in fact: go get it. run! it’ll be … ??? mr. scruffy.
for the grand occasion has been re:launched. theres been quite some work done… its all in color now. uhhh make sure not to miss visiting the “night club” (no sex in club!) with tons of potato people keeping it unreal like there was no tomorrow

:flash: will soon release momma gravy: adios [ DIFCD 29 ].
and yes. i did receive this as a promo. its incredible. cheerz a bunch and i must be on some of the right promo mailing lists after all! woo.
this is another great album and its kinda silly saying this, but i am saving this for later. i will write a long review soon. album of the month material.

:flash: dj riko has released a fantastic and hilarious bootleg dj-mix – free for download on his website. we listened to latter day taints while driving in our car and when i glanced over miss monkey punka had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard… its really really fun stuff.
edit: just listened to this mix again and i forgot to use one crucial word: cheeky.
is it not amazing what the appearance of new software will create?
a few years ago came acid for PC and much more recently garageband for MAC – shortly after the whole bootleg scene starts, which sees people combining musical styles like they have never done before – and yet a few yars later you have the masters still creating totally wild, fresh, cheeky, unheard things…
[via boomselection]

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