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no cumulus no supercard

instructions: download the pdf / print onto sticker paper / cut out / stick onto wallet like so-ish [photo bellow] / show wallet to sales personal when asked if you already have a supercard or a cumulus card

sample wallet

[for the non-swiss this is of course completely pointless and way to hard to explain.
wait no. its quite easy actually. i was just lazy for a second there.
supercard and cumulus are customer cards from two supermarket chains here in switzerland.
every time you pay in one of these friggin stores they friggin ask you, do you already have our friggin … card?
makes you wanna scream.
and/or hit them.
that and then – surprise surprise – we recently had a smallish scandal because one of the companies was handing out the customer data to the cops… which they had mentioned in the small print…]

edit: hier ist die “nein ich habe keine suprecard” tasche. thanx c.

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