die, metrosexual, die

the beckhams of this world can pack their bags, stuff them with all the fashionable accessories their girlfriends/wifes got them, and take a hike…
back to mummie’s.

hah. funny how things go in waves. are we in for another macho round? another round of calls for the return of the real man!?

german author wäis kiani, a woman mind you, has just released the book Stirb, Susi! – a passionate call to lose that softie – in touch with his inner woman – sensitive male and find back the independent, strong man.

in german we call metrosexuals “Susi’s”. Susi’s are just gay enough to not be threatening to women, they wear flip flops, do yoga, write sms and their favorite food is sushi. like their icon figure david beckham Susi’s often serve as life-sized dress-up dolls to their partners.

the reaction to this book has been fierce in germany… especially the male commentators did not get the irony… or did they sort of feel exposed and threatened?

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