brands for children

yesterday i went to visit my sister and her 2 kids. cute as buttons. awwwww.
i know… everybody says this about kids in their family.
but in this case its the pure and simple truth. these kids are teh cutest! proof found in photos here.

my niece who is 5 got a pair of puma sneakers. just this morning.
for some reason she was extermly exited about this.
over the next few hours i heard variations on the theme: “guess what i got today? a pair of pumas” “have you seen my pumas?” “look! i got pumas“. on and on. then she asked me what brand i was wearing. when i said: “camper” this only earned me a very puzzled look.

then we went for a walk. and out of the blue my niece started singing: “puma nike! puma nike! puma nike!”. loudly.
you dont believe me? here’s proof in form of a a recording .amr. my sister gave me a concerned look. i have a politically aware sister. after awhile she even asked my niece to stop. which, in whatever developmental phase my niece happens to be in, made her continue… of course.

now i am obviously not gonna use crass words like fashionv…. or labelw….
because this is my niece we’re talking about, dude.
but the corporations sure are doing something “right” if they can get 5 year olds interested in demanding brand goods.

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