i am so sorry …

… and embarassed … and ashamed.
switzerland has yet again officialised its xenophobia today during the national elections regarding the naturalisation of 2nd and 3rd generation foreigners…
this sucks major – and is so not fair.

and once more the openminded, french speaking, western part of the country has been outvoted by the farmers and cowfuckers from the eastern, xenophobic, swissgerman parts.

while in geneva more than 67% said yes to the initiative the whole of switzerland sacked it with an incredible 57% of no votes!

outch. we so live in the wrong country. i am more than ever in favor of a regional autonomy movement. and i will choose to join the french speaking part; the part that will join the EU, stop the xenophobia… etc etc etc.
and we will leave the farmers and cowfuckers behind, with their smelly cows and their cheesy politics.
no other solution.

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