attacked by spiders

my first image of the day as i opened my eyes this morning: a huge spider on the floor running towards my bed….
arrgggghhhhhh how awful!
and when i say huge, i mean HUGE! not quite hairy-legs-huge, but what-comes-just-before-that-huge…

my question is however: was it instant karma?

why? well, last night i was sitting in front of my computer, having fun, when this other huge spider came running into the room and headed straight towards my feet. i took a glass and put it over the spider, as you do, and then gently picked it up to try and carry it out. good buddhist that i am, i try never to kill any animals deliberatly. yet somehow two of it’s legs got stuck under the glass, and were ripped off. i felt bad, but what can you do? i could not really perform a leg-operation, since i am not a spider doctor [yet!].

so then the very next morning this other spider attacks me in bed… makes you think, huh…

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