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momma gravy: adios - DIFCD 29momma gravy: adios – DIFCD 29

okay, so here’s an image: this album is like a young puppy – uhm, lets say its the springtime – and this young puppy was just left out for the very first time to roam around a particularly lush park. as you’d expect the puppy sniffs out every flower, every bush, every everything; it rolls around some of the muddy patches; hell, it even dryhumps a parkbench or two. and while doing all this it happily yelps and wiggles its tail.

so what does this tell you?
[other than, that i totally suck in metaphors. i mean, have you ever heard or read a more awful metaphor in your life?]

what i mean to say is this: momma gravy’s 2nd album has that je ne sais quoi, that exited, spontanous quality. its an unruly album. it wont get pinned and boxed into some genre hole. eclectic is only the first name here. the music romps and oompfs all over the place, sniffing out every … errr … nevermind. [somebody stop me…]

basically adios is almost all good. every track is fab. there’s jazzy funkiness that makes your nosehairs rise [!], the odd dancefloor track with sub basslines, vocodered downbeat hiphop, melodies to melt down to because of violins and shit. the only thing i am unsure about is the use of some of the vocal samples in a few songs. a bit too … uhm? … thacky? and what’s with the cover? i mean this could be a cat stevens – excuse me – yusuf islam cover from the 70’s…

so, some doubts, but then, along comes track number 5 – as if i were not already quite exited enough… thank you very much – track number 5, bouncing like a young puppy … [oh please…] and track number 5 even has a name. diamonds and dimebags.
track number 5 is such an instant classic, that the mere expression “instant classic” would have to be redefined. i mean, with this track you hear it once and you want to run and start your next mixtape around it. its so great, that when it comes on, say in my car, i turn it up up up. i wont not hear it loud and teh crispest.

on the piece of paper that came with the cd [i guess thats called a press release, yeah?] i read, that momma gravy are the bullitnuts’ mr beige and ex pavement sound engineer remko schouten, and as it turns out this is their 2nd album. the first one was released on the infamous pork label. what is it about music from Hull? now that i read this, its obvious. this stuff has got that fila brazilla/baby mammoth vibe.

so its perfect, right? your fingers might already be itching to click your favorite music purchasers weblink. but hold on, where it says “released” on the piece of paper, there is only a sad looking question mark. like so: ?
so please email differentdrummer to get this released quickly. looking at them with your best puppy eyes might help…

edit: momma gravy has now been officially released! woohhee

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