guess. who am i for?

just watching chelsea fc – fc liverpoodle.
he he.
that just made me chuckle to myself for awhile now.
its prolly way old…
how about arseanal?
or manhUnt?
or tottenhamster?

well here it looks like another boring 1:0 chelski win. or does it? even the moneywasher looks bored. dynamo chelski is hardly very dynamic these days.
yeah. they did win. oh well… joe cole is cool joe. what do they say over at chelsea blog? oh nothing yet! you mean i am the only one again doing liveblogging?

edit: and in somewhat related news: switzerland invaded by monstah shroom

Swiss scientists have found what they say may be Europe’s biggest mushroom – covering an area about the size of 35 football pitches.

[via teh steev, cheerz!]

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