miss wurzel tod informs thusly:

Dear Weevil Collectors, Jackalope Hunters, Grail Seekers & Mossad Agents In My Basement

“One of the effects of living with electric information is that we live habitually in a state of information overload. There’s always more than you can cope with.” – Marshall McLuhan

… and here’s even more! And it’s not even information! Yay!

what is it then?

Tonight’s mass email is once again sponsored by the President of the Epileptic Cheerleader Association of Uzbekistan, the Helvetic Botox Trust, Seriously Pinky Vodka, Silk Cut and Twinings Lady Grey Tea.

I’m writing you tonight to kindly inform you that the 3rd edition of the KÜHLSCHRANK/FRIGIDAIRE event – which I’m co-coordinating – will be taking place this Friday night, 8th October 2004 @ Atelier Volant, Lausanne, Switzerland. So if you’re in the country – and I know that a lot of you are – please don’t miss this splendid evening. We’ll be having Hecate (http://www.zhark.org/), Larvae (http://www.zeroplate.com/, flyer: http://www.wurzeltod.ch/kf/pik/larvae_flyer.jpg) and Panacea (http://www.kriegimklub.de/) playing as live acts and several local DJs mixing for you. You’ll find all the relevant details here: http://www.wurzeltod.ch/kf/.

so for all of you who happen to be in switzerland next friday, go to lausanne! if yer so inclined
too bad i am in england. …errr… let me re:phrase that. too bad, i am in england. or: bad me is in england, too?

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