ingerland 04: day 2

oh no. my bed has a slope. left to right. left high – right low. if your facing the ceiling that is. away from the adjoining wall that is. from joining wall downhill that is.

interesting thing what i found out is this: if you sleep on a slope it is better to lay downhill. surprisingly. in theory i would have been willing to bet money that its uphill. but no. downhill it is.

short night? thanx for asking. yeah. i have the weirdest sleep pattern these days. i usually wake up at 6, which here is 5, which is too bloody early. basically.

so i get up and play with my ‘puter. as you would. until the ‘puter decides its time to poop out on me. supergau. turning beachball during startup – this is the os X panther 10.3.5-do-not-update! unbelievable.

excursion: i try all the letters upon startup to switch to jaguar on my other partition. c looks for a cd. shift does another weird thing that does not help. command v gives me a neat terminal startup, but freezes the same as it tries to transition into finder. z is something else i forgot. and finally d it is. press d during startup, and the mac switches to a different system connected to or on the computer. my salvation. so, here i am back in jaguar. it feels old and odd. but hey, its working and its solid. you would not believe the cache problems on panther. cashback for cache problems.

i try to nap for awhile. it might be a long day if alfie does call to take me to boom boom tonight. it is now 7:23. i manage to just about doze off when the workers upstairs start to get here and to bang on the floor for an hour. so thats good. grumpy again.

at breakfast i see the most beautiful transsexual ever. either that or she is an incredibly flirty woman and i am the biggest doofus for shying away. but anyhow. she is amazing. *smile*

sombody is selling a jaguar – the car here – for 2370 quid. either that person is so broke or that car is so shot. do not buy this car, if you see it.

on the bus they have a poem competition. text [message aka sms] a bus poem to 8181. i d love to see those. especially since i had a guy on bluetooth scan named: hunkus fuckus. i wonder what poem he would enter.

heading towards my movie matinee, i sort of fall back into an old routine. i hit the record shops on poland street and warwick street, the old hunting grounds. the record seller business must not be in a very good spot these days. mr. bongo is closing shop. they have a 50% close out sale. and my old favorite, soul jazz records, has dissappeared and in its place i find a record store, that looks more like a front for selling crack than anything else. please do not sue me if this is not true. but do do something about your store, man. it looks like a … as i said before… but uhm

dead mans shoes is excellent. woo. warp films is on the map. with a soundtrack from the warp roster … uhh

please ignore this post, i might be kinda sarcastic, i am afraid.. ugh.

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