ingerland 04: day 4

its 6:30 as i write this and i have only been awake for half an hour. if you have been following these blabbers you’ll know that that is progress. i have gained an hour worth of sleep from the last few days. usually my wake-up time has been 5. that calls for a loud woo!

right, so how do i make the transition? i wanna talk about yesterday in the present tense? well, i guess that just did it. [smoothe]

alfie is supposed to call me so we can meet to go to the computer fair. he wants to build his own pc and needs to get some parts. around 11 i decide to head out towards golborne road, aka little portugal, for a galau. a galau is the portugese version of a good strong coffee with loads of foamy milk. yeah, the same thing as a latte macchiatto long before starbucks came and renamed it to that. actually, i dont think the latte machiatto has quite conquered the english market as much as it has in switzerland, or has it? in switzerland its all latte macchiatto here, latte machhiatto there. and with that i have covered all the possible versions of how to spell the bastard. i order my galau and a nice pastery and sit down. just as i want to take my first bite of the phone rings. perfect timing. he says to meet him at tottenham court in 55 minutes.

quickly i finish my pastry, then hop on a 23 bus to head down there. wrong decision! i thought surely on a saturday traffic cant be that bad. but its a freaking nightmare. alfie calls me a fucking tourist several times via various media, phone, text message, he even leaves me message. finally i get there 7 minutes late. problem is alfie got here 15 minutes early. in a dating situation he would be the desperate loser and i would be the cool just-on-time person. but hey…

it is great to finally meet alfie in person. he is exactly how i thought he would be. compassionate, competitive, completely gay. great gay alfie. with him there is navid, another mobblogger and alfie’s best friend. very funny navid. supreme dry humor, and a great guy to check out girls asses with. in good spirit. sorry girls. its sometimes necessary. blame testosteron.

the computer fair should add to its title “… for short and/or very skinny people”. the tables are set up inches apart and there’s masses of people shoving through. double lane. the geek in me is exited about all the computer parts laying around. but the light is shit so my mobcam does not do well. alfie decides to go for a purple motherboard, or actually its mauve, and a purple fan. do we see a patteeern eeemerging? yes, but i wont use that word again. and this coming from a guy with a pink blog.

alfie introduces me to zak, the vendor of purple motherboards, as a swiss ninja, who will come and get him, if this stuff does not work. my stupid grin must not have impressed zak very much, because when he tries to add the processor onto the motherboard he sort of pokes around with it while speaking to us, clouds of spittle, and without earthing himself, static. even i know this is a no no. and i am so mac. all i added to the discussion earlier was: intel inside – idiot outside. very helpful.

so then we haul all this purple stuff to alfie’s place, meaning i schlepp while alfie entertains and coordinates. minutes later we meet mobloggers joe and shoes in camden. i am in such the dilema because i want to see the england-wales game, which starts just about now. we go for a drink, no tv, and for the second half i sneak off to the pub to watch the game. the beckham goal is sooo … uhm … beckham!? amazing.

on we go to the partaay. its great to be able to finally put faces on all the people i somehow know, but somehow dont, you know what i’m saying? some are exactly as i imagined them to be. others totally not. its a very wide range, relatively small crowd. as always with off-line events there’s that slightly odd tension. but its a good party. everybody has a camphon and knows how to use it, counteracting the quota. again there is very bad lightning, so my nokia 7650 is no good, and after moblogging 1 photo, ONE, my mailbox poops out on me. fcuking puuuurrrfect! i am tempted to make a list of the people who were there, i love lists, but i am scared to miss a name and that would be awful. and i was not nerdy enough to start the list there. many people send their regards to monkeypunk! woo monkeypunkie!

right, time to try to nap for awhile before the italian grils in the next room start screaming. oops, there they go. perfect timing.

please ignore this post, because i might be kinda ruffeled, i’m afraid… ugh.

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