ingerland 04: i survived

i am back home now, just took a warm bath, feeling all cozy, glad to be back home.

despite of what it sounded like on this blog i had a great time – this vacation was really fantastic.

so what was the point of all this public moaning then? i was not fishing for pity. pity so does not work. no, i was actually trying to make a point in deliberately talking almost only about the miserable side of my travels.

ususally we make vacations sound so glamourous. but me, if i am honest, most of the time while travelling i am just bloody miserable. i try to make myself enjoy it. in my head i go: i am so enjoying this. i make mental notes, tagging moments with an *enjoying this* attribute. but if i constantly need to remind myself how much i am enjoying it, a sneaking suspicion may arise, that maybe i am not actually all that happy.

so this time i went the other way. i only looked at the miserable side. and i realised this is what i needed. maybe the manic needed some depro. and it certainly was good to be mostly offline and to have time to face the mucky stuff, that i usually repress by keeping myself busy all the time. it worked, i feel great again and really motivated to get back on it. so my advice is this: take a vacation, agonize, moan, bitch, cry, feel utterly miserable. you’ll feel great afterwards… *sigh*

of course travelling has its truely nice sides, like meeting great people, seeing and getting inspired by a foreign place, eating great foods. it was really cool to hang out with paula, alfie, tabbi, joe, shoes, navid, and to meet all the other mobloggers.

london, like new york and a few other places, would be a really nice place to visit —– if you had the money. paula le dieu told me this and i so totally agree. london has gone totally out of control. its crazy expensive. england also has a deeply alcoholic culture. most social coventions evolve around the booze. much more so than in other countries. so for me, as a non-alcoholic, being in england always feels a bit like being on the outside looking in. its hard to really feel a part of it.

i cant wait to see what will bring. they will open for business next year and offer accomodation for 5 pounds a night. this might well create an equal stir in the accomodation market as did in flights. hotel prices can be kept this high because everybody does. now even fleabags totally overcharge. so we’ll see…

to be fair, upon leaving my hotel the manager came up to me and told me, that for my next stay i will receive one free night. because of all the noise from remodelling and because i have been coming to this hotel for so many years… so that was a really quite cool.

so cu soon, next time in london…

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