ingerland 04: day 8

i am illin. as in physically illin. those who read this blog (despite the clear warning up top to ignore it) prolly know about my mental illness(es). now add to that a sneaky cold that seems to be slowly closing up my throat. i am afraid i am not currently able to produce much witty or sarcastic comment from behind this muffeled cloud.

teh utter self-pitty and neediness of being ill. thats what makes it so ridiculous. so let me just suffer in silence here.

what is there to report from yesterday?

books for cooks near portobello is one of those stores that should be illegal. that great.
rough trade near portobello is still one of the best record stores. if i still would buy records, there i would. and even though i dont, there i almost did. errr. (pleaase classify as feverish mumblings)
layer cake is a so so movie. a bit too formulaic maybe. good enough entertainment on a rainy afternoon.
noodle soups at wagamama are still great and even better if you enjoy one in paula le dieu’s company and/or when you feel a cold coming on.

so now i worry about this: today i was supposed to move to alfie and tabb’s for two nights. they generously let me stay there. but now that i am feeling slightly ill, and as i dont know yet where this is going, its kinda different. i mean, they would be so psyched for me to bring this to there home, no? it also depends whether or not they believe in the bug theory. hmmm. what to do? quaranteen or not?

its a bit later and i am actually not feeling that bad. lots of vitamin C and i should be alright…

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