ingerland 04: day 9

i am staying at tabbi and alfie’s now and basically, everything is perfect now. pssst. cant say much more. no. dont make me. [they might soooo be reading this] … and no, not the movie alfie, the original!

excursion: it is true though. there are two types of travelling. one where you stay at a hotel and the other where you are staying at a friends house. the main difference is, about hotels you can say whatever you want on your blog. they wont read it.

no. just joking. stop. rewind.

the main difference is, you are not allowed to fart at a friends house hotels are hell holes. i mean lets face it. some hotels are actually trying quite hard to make you feel welcome; and i did just use the word “some”. but you just never know what you are going to get. its a total lottery. people from very different cultural backgrounds, bringing along their various sets of conditioning, their emotions, their anxieties, and their ignorance, are staying in a pseudo-intimiate setting, in rooms, that are often seperated only by walls made of paper. the setting is actually comparable to a housemate situation, wikth the difference that here you dont know these people. so next door might live a screaming italian mama with her two cheeky teenage daughters. what are you gonna do? call the manager?

back to journaling. my cold is getting better. pheew. around noon i drop off my bags in camden, where my beautiful, generous and sexy hosts live. they are not in, of course, so i head back out to go watch the motorscyle diaries. i am a bit early so i hang out in two very dangerous places: magma and forbidden planet (the actual stores, not the websites of course). which is so not a good idea, if you’re on a budget. many pounds poorer i return to see my movie. ah, that che guevara dude. the myth of che gets even this sarcastic cunt sometimes. after the movie i want to go out and start the revolution. later, down in clapham i find a bar called revolution, where they have a i *heart* vodka theme. they are also trying to push limited edition revolution privilege cards onto their costumers. very revolutionary.

why was i in clapham? to go see my acupunturist/chinese herbalist. its always amazing to see john. he is such a natural as a healer. oozing so much confidence. joking with everyone. going about it with a very natural, comforting curiousity. a very inspiring man. geared up with herbs that cost me 74 quid i head back up to camden.

when i get there, they are all cozy on the couch, pillows everywhere, sipping red wine. awwww. so teh cutest! its truely great to be here. there’s even food. i get a miso soup! and salad. wow. alfie and i talk about gadgets and the blogosphere for awhile. but i am most intrigued by the step counter tabbi is wearing. could tabbi actually have walked 6.8 km during her day? the step counter seems to suggest so. tabbi is all bummed out because she still has to do 723 steps to reach her daily goal of 10 000 steps. alfie suggests she should do some on the spot walking. when we test it in the kitchen, tabbi does 9 steps, but the step counter adds 13. 25% difference right there, but even with that difference it would still be more than 5 kilometers she did. in one day. i certainly hope, i never walk that much.

and so here’s the scoop: alfie takes a bath at night, reading a book to wind down from the day. now, thats good information to have.

why the fcuk did i bring my most embarrassing pj? its early still, they are so gonna think i am the uncoolest when they get up… quick put on my smelly t-shirt from yesterday. oops there they come…

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