ingerland 04: day 9 news flash

this just in: 930 camden.

i start to make my way towards the esf. after locking the front door i notice that the bathroom window is open. i cant remember if this is supposed to be closed or not. so very gingerly, i mean extremly carefully, i press the window from the outside, to see if i can close it like that. big mistake.

huge noise.

the big bathromm mirror fell over and shattered into a million pieces.

what a doofus i am!!!!!!!!!111

oh lord. i clean up the mess feeling terrible.
tabbi, alfie, have you ever had a more stupid guest? honest like?

alfie, if you read this, please let me know where i can find a mirror to replace this one.

and you know what they say about breaking a mirror. 7 years of bad luck. actually thinking back on my last 7 years in this case this might mark the end of my bad luck period… theres hope.

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