what is hip?

remix classics from the warner bros. vault [???]

sounds awful, but this actually is quite hip. so to answer above question: this is.

i mean lets face it, wb, even though it is *crosses fingers* prolly teh most evil major record label, if there ever was one, has manages to amass some amazing stuff in its back catalogue.
what with tower of powers “what is hip?” remixed by meat beat manifesto, “listen to the music” by the doobie brothers remixed by malibu, rod stewarts “da ya think i’m sexy” in a halou remix, george bensons’ “masqeurade” n.o.w. remixed, and the best devo: “whip it” in a deep dubby reshuffle by philip steir…

the website has a cool flashplayer interface… so you dont have to actually give money to the devil to listen to this stuff. woo. most noble

in the same token, funkmeister q-burns abstract message has released an album of all his remixes and created a website with an excellent flash interface to listen to it all…

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