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suitable for vegetarians
awhile ago the big supermarket chains here in switzerland (COOP and Migros) have started to label certain food items as “suitable for vegetarians”. its pretty cool. it shows up as above green “V” icon on the packaging (COOP) and i’ll tell you, not having to read all the super small print ingredients listings does make shopping easier.

the problem is, they only do it on certain foods.
so this instantly raises a number of questions:

what about all the other foods?
are all other foods NOT suitable for vegetarians?
or have they simply not gotten around labeling them yet?
and what with this particular food item?
was this previously NOT suitable for vegetarians and has now been made so?
or does this mean that the same item in other brands is NOT suitable for vegetarians?

you see. its all pretty confusing…

but then yesterday i bought a glass of sundried tomatoes and noticed that it carried the “V” icon.
i mean, duh…
how on earth could sundried tomatoes, olive oil and spices NOT be suitable for vegetarians?
would they add lard to the olive oil?
or the spices were grown on pigs?
or the tomatoes were fed bone marrow.
i mean, are they soon gonna start to label fruit and vegetables?
this orange is suitable for vegetarians.
meaning it has not been coated in lard.

i think this label only makes sense on products that are doubtful, like soups and other prefab stuff. but in that general category all items should carry it. or is that too confuseling? i give up…

i just found the rules and regulations at vegetarismus.ch. i especially like the sanctions section… he he

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