78% of the swiss would vote for kerry

according to a poll conducted by two swiss newspapers (blick & le temps) the swiss would turn dubya bush into “someone, who needs to find a new job soon”, as jon stewart so diplomatically put it.

78% would vote for kerry, and only 6.8% for bush. (the rest is undecided or would vote for neither candidate)
this compares well with other countries in europe like spain, with 7% for bush, france 5% and germany 10%. only in great britain 16% and italy 14% dubya scores slightly higher. surprsingly even among conservative swiss voters the percentage is that high. among women 80% would vote for kerry. the percentage is about equal in the swiss german ans the swiss french parts of the country.

furthermore the same poll established that 79,9% of the swiss consider that the war in iraq has made the threat of terrorism worse, against only 7,3% who dont.

56,8% say they have a very bad or pretty bad opinion regarding the usa, against only 4% who hold the usa in very good regards.

for all that this is worth…

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