selectah be wiggin to da music

today yours truly rediscovered music. wooooheeee
for a while there i was a DJ bored with music. but today music came back into my life, and hallelujah it is a good day indeed!
but how did this come to happen? well, here is the secret: i had to take it back up from the start and took a trip through music.

first i listened to some old punk/funk songs, great tracks like 23 skidoo’s coup or 20 jazz funk greats by throbbing gristle, sluggin for jesus by cabaret voltaire or even 24 – track loop by this heat, all to be found on one great compilation: in the beginning there was rhythm on soul jazz rec. my head started moving along with the rhythm… despite myself!

next 4 hero’s mr. kirk’s nightmare took me to the beginning of the 90’s and some early hardcore excursions. heavy beats, memeories of early raves and me wiggeling with my toes intensivly.

now i went on to an incredibly rockit remix 2.002 feat. mixmaster mike, rob swift, qBert and others… classic funk track meets turbtablists… hah… now that almost did it, i was just about dancing. but still not quite …

but here is what finally did me in: lightning head’s e.v.a.. the classic j.j. perrey track in a great reggae version… and me was hopping ’round the room, monnnnnn!

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