e-book’s are flicking great

i am proud to announce that i just got done reading my first e-book and i was surprised to find out, that it is flicking possible. well, i must explain, i always thought i could not read on screen. but then that’s what i been doing for some years now; staring into this flicking screen – the one i am sitting on the other side of.
*waves ‘ello!*
i even read the e-book on my flicking palm! now that’s rad….

the book is a very nice read in fact, deliriously whacky science fiction. down and out in the magic kingdom is cory doctorow’s first novel, cory being one of the brains behind boingboing.net, one of the most thriving blogs around. the book can be found as a free download on craphound, in the formats .html, .doc, and even various pda-files.
why free? this is what the author says: excerpt from the note about this book “i’m releasing the entire text of this book as a free, freely redistributable e-book. you can download it, put it on your site, email it to a friend, and if you’re addicted to dead trees, you can print it.”
good point, well taken.

cory you are my hero!

errrr is one of my heroes, okay?

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