stop the pathetic swiss army

today i had to fight my way through a train station swarming with swiss miltary guys in green, brown and grey. they were all moaning and complaining. oh come on. get a life.

i have no respect what so ever for anybody doing swiss military service.
none. zilch. zero.

first of all someone still needs to explain to me why switzerland as a neutral country would need an army to begin with. they say its for defensive purposes. but please. how is a small change ground army gonna defend this ridiculous country were it ever to be attacked. pathetic.
the army is actually mostly promoted as a rite of passage in the process of becoming a man. “you’re not a real man unless you done your military service” goes the popular [populist?] saying.
so i am not a real man? wanna go outside and see?

second of all social services are being cut back left and right, but every year this country is spending billions for an army that serves no purpose other than keeping the old chums happy playing with their toy soldiers… explain that to me please…

thirdly even though in switzerland military service is mandatory anybody who wants to can get free. in the old days we used to have to lie about being homosexual psychopathic drug addicts, which incidentally we were… oh the good old days.
but these days you dont even have to lie any longer. you simply state you dont feel like doing it. and they let you go. so what keeps you guys from doing so?

so please, you idiots in green, at least stop moaning.
and get out of my fcuking way!

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