album of the month 11/04

various artists: peace not war volume 2 - peace-not-war.comvarious artists: peace not war volume 2 – PNW2

naturally the creative commons compilation would have been album of the month 11/04.
of course.
but since wired cant seem to get it together to deliver their magazine to europe in time i had to look for another option.

the choice was not actually too hard, because volume 2 of the peace not war compilation, released this past month, is absolutely excellent. the subtitle says it all: the best of anti-war music 2003-2004.

the cd can be sold by peace-groups to raise funds. i bought my copy at the indymedia event in london a few weeks ago. but it can also be ordered via the website, where all the tracks as well as some additional music can be streamed via a flash interface. its just too bad there are no downloads available…

who done it?
says on the website this:
“Peace Not War CDs are produced independently by a small collective in London.
We are not affiliated with any particular group, just trying to support the peace movement in general.”

for volume 2 the producers have decided to break up the two cd’s into a beats and a chords selection.
i am not sure how i feel about this.
one of the charms of volume 1 had been how it switched wildly between punk, hiphop, rock and electro tracks.
but the quality of both the beats and the chords cds is excellent.
so its okay…

not much more to say about this. not all individual tracks are awesome, but as a whole this is very inspiring. its political without being preachy. its supporting the peace movement around the world and showing once more just how much creativity is flowing into this crucial movement.

some of my favorite tracks are:
lyrics born feat. lateef: the last trumpet [nobody raps like these guys, imho]
rawdog feat taskforce & braintax: arrest the president [dizee rascalesque rapping over wicked dark electro beats]
angel feat. the rub: WMD day [a woman delivers an stunning rant over jazzy west london beats]
banco de gaia: not in my name edit [its been eons since i heard sumink by bdg. this is a lovely neckhairraiser]
sonic youth: peace attack [nobody can de-tune a guitar like they can, man]

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