apple powerbook anyone?

i seriously think things went terribly wrong last night with bush’s re-election.
the end of the world as we know it, is under way.

i am usually very careful with conspiracy theories. but right now i am confused.
when is the moment, when a conspiracy theory has to be taken serious?

i mean, was this not exactly the problem with hitler? people waited too bloody long to take the rumours serious, calling them conspiracy theories, and to start acting and taking a stand against him.

i am not actually comparing bush with hitler. yet. but consider this: hitler was “only” striving towards world domination. bush already has it.

i mean lets look at the guy. here’s a fundamentalist christian, who on top of things is not a very bright mind, in control over the fate of the world. and we know how some fundamentalist christians feel about bringing armagedon upon the world, thinking that they will be spared from god’s wrath, because they are among the “chosen ones”. sound scary?

okay. that does get a bit conspiracy ridden.

but even without the esoteric überbau what is likely going to happen these next 4 years? the guy seems seriously determined to run the planet to the ground. and everybody has to go down with him. taking his reelection as a confirmation bush will start any war that he and his neoconservative buddies see fit. [they already “announced” iran, syria etc. why not north corea? where there actually are nuclear warheads?] he will continue to send soldiers from minority groups to these wars to get killed or injured. he will change laws protecting the civil liberties of his own people. very soon he will try to make abortion illegal once more. which will be a piece of cake once he has appointed the next supreme court judges [3 are up for retirement]. furthermore he is determined to run the world to the ground ecologically by using up all the natural resources and suspending all environmental protection laws that might disturb some of his pals. under his reign the rich will get richer. the poor poorer. the muslims angrier. the terrorists extremer. etc. and thats by no means all. so. just where is the real axis of evil? asses of evil.

so what now? what can we do?

boycott all things US american.
anyone need an apple powerbook? actually, it does not make sense to give away what i already own. but my next computer wont be amercian. i am going linux on a japanese machine.

burn your passports.
if 23 americans can be found to do this we can stage an online passport burning session. the day bush will be officially instated lets have a massive american passport burning session.

offer our american friends political asylum.
i am lucky to have two passports. we gotta get the good people out of that scary country.

be extremly attentive and blog everything that happens.
information needs to circulate and it does so well.

build an alternative internet not based in the US.
practically all nameservers and a few other crucial things [i forgot what, damn] are hosted in the US. meaning they could switch the whole internet off in two seconds flat.


edit: i am sorry. but any pro-bush or american patriotic comments will be considered spam and get deleted. i am not willing to share any of my bandwidth with you. use your own channels.

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