post-roommatefromhell-stress-syndrome is finished.
already a few days ago actually. this got somehow drowned out by bush’s election-steal. but its very sad nevertheless.

to all you authors out there: teh bestest way to publish a novel: in daily portions as a blog.

what a great read… *sigh*

thanx jim munroe!

well, actually we can look forward to the spin-off to be published. the one that the jim munroe will write according to how the poll went…

meanwhile, here are a few intersting thingsies to read online:

Group as User: Flaming and the Design of Social Software: an essay by clay shirky [now thats a cool name, almost rhymes with beef jerky] about the role of netiquette and ethics in social softwares like blogs and wikis.
[via guardian onlineblog]

Is You Is/Is You Ain’t by Michael Canfield: a story about an actor whose growth is retarded so he can keep playing NinjaBaby in a tv series.
[via boingboing]

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