my life is not blogworthy

so here i am. in a beautiful place. in a beautiful house. in the [ugly but nevermind that] mountains.
there’s space. quiet. time.
time to think. to relax. to take it slow. to breathe.
for a whole month.
should be bliss…

but what happens? i get depressed. i feel totally burned out. i feel completely unmotivated to do anything. i schlepp myself through the days. i cant sleep right. i obsess about irrational stuff.
in short: i fill the void with my junk. [and a healthy portion of post-election-stress-syndrome does not help much…]

emotions kick me in quick progression. first anger. then fear. then boredom. then boring. then boooored… now empty.

so what should i blog about? that my life is dull? that i am a loser? that i am missing perspective? that i dont know what i should do with my life? that i am – yet again – questioning everything?


who wants to read that?

i didn’t think so…

jimi hendrix: manic depression, tortures my soul *airguitar dohn duhn tu dunng dohn duhn tu dunng dohn duhn tu dunng*

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