2 years pieceoplastic.com

plastic cake
[ta miss punka]

2 years pieceoplastic.com. today.
that calls for a celebration. with some nice drinks and snacks.
and, oh, lets so not forget cake … how about some caek? and maybe some fruit?

well, i have been testing it for two years now and i can confidentally say: blogging really rilly works!

there’s nothing like spiting out an emotion on your blog and getting rid of it for good that way. you blog it and its gone. you post a silly thing and it gets serious. you cramp your style in an angry rant and it loosens you up. blogging is the ultimate in public emotional striptease. and its true what they say. vulnerability does make you stronger. just like what does not kill you. but uhm, before i get all nitzsched out here:

on a more serious note, what exited me most were some of the amazing contacts and brillant interactions i have had thanks to my blog. in fact i want to thank everyone, who has ever laid eyes on this website and tried to decipher my weird babbles. in fact i want to apologize to everyone… sorry!

i am afraid the following might come off all braggy and shit. but its not meant to be. i swear…
here’s some of the stuff what really surprised me:

tom kummer for instance. i used to know him in my punky 20’s in bern, before he went on to become a star journalist [in both meanings of the term] in LA. then that huge scandal errupted in the german speaking printmedia surrounding the truthfullness of his stories. he is still called the “bad guy of german journalism” in some circles. i always thought the guy was a genius and so when he started to get re-published i blogged it here, of course. in the same post i asked him to please start a blog. i offered to set it up for him. free. a few weeks later i received an email from him and we started talking about starting his blog. it has not happened yet, but hey…

bruce sterling, joi ito both commented on one rather silly post in linz. a few laptops away.

si begg, people like us, and more i forget…, all have contacted me via email after seeing that i had blogged them.

when san keller [a swiss artist i admire] spent half a year in new york as part of an artist exchange programme, not 1 but 3 journalists contacted me asking for help to get in touch with san. i had mentioned him blog.

and then, most recently and on a slightly different note, an email i sent to raymi was published by her just like that.

i have this weird feeling i forgot the most important thing. hmmmm…
lets just say, this is all i can remember with the terrible memory i have [= the main reason why i even started a blog, to try an remember shit]

here’s my wishlist for this next year of blogging fun:

:flash: a million-dollar contract for me as a pro-blogger [and i’ll so share the love]

:flash: for once, just for one single time, please, i would like to find the next big thing first [instead of always having to copy/paste it somewhere else]. please email me here with the next new big thing.

:flash: 5 very sexy blogfairies, to research and doublecheck all the information and/or to striptease entertain and massage me while i blog…

:flash: blog spammers should all rot in hell [could be quite the party, actually, with all their viagra and fake boobs]

:flash: and lots lots and lots of comments… please 😉

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