ha ha he he hi hi ho ho

this morning i woke up criminally early [ 4 am! and yes. there should be laws against this] and as i lay there awake, i started to think about laughing. for some reason.

there are so many different types of laughter and they say so much about people’s personalities. some people laugh in ways i really like, some others make me shrivel up in dislike.

sometimes i’ll meet a person i kind of like at first, but then the way the laugh spoils it for me. other times initial antipathy can turn to great sympathy, if there’s a good laugh. sometimes i’ll hear someone laugh and it makes me want to get to know them [joi ito, for instance, besides being a great visionary also has a great way of laughing].

i generally like to make people laugh. and i am told i can be quite the comedian. i dont nearly do it as often as i should here on my blog. thing is, i am best in situation’s comedy. IM generally gets me quite a few LOL’s and ROFL’s. and then with some people it just does not work. they simply do not get my sense of humour. at all [sadly my sister].
but what i wonder now, do i like to make people laugh to test their laughter?

incidentally 4 of my favorite laughers are also my 4 favorite people in the world [franziska, sandra, jon, karen]. and, not surprisingly, my least favorite person = my downstairs neighbor in bern has the most annoying way of laughing there is.

franziska: generally a warm he he laugh. sometimes an amazingly infectious “fou rire” [how does that translate?], that has her gasping for air and in tears. and me as well…
sandra: very accomodating, warm, gentle ha ha laugh. the word gutteral comes to mind.
jon: bitonal laugh that at moments can jump an octave. very warm ha ha/he he.
karen: full on, deep, loud, surprising ha ha/ho ho laugh

my downstairs neighbor: high pitched, shrill, nerve shuttering hi hi laugh

some people when they laugh they forget themselves. introverts get loud and expressive. extroverts get shy and internal. the ugliest rushhour trainride can be transformed by an infectious laugher. the most pleasant romantic dinner date can be made hell by an irritating laugher sitting at the next table.
i dont even know how i laugh. i think i am not very expressive. but laughing is the best thing ever. i enjoy it so much. and i will stop myself shortly before going into too much laughing is medicine crap.

and i leave you with a good ha ha he he ho ho and no hi hi.

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