snipplets 4

quiet is turning into a luxurious commodity frenzy. it’s definitaly not a good idea to strive for quiet in this world …
e dolce la vita, eh? a guy on a bike says to me as i pass him riding on my bicycle smiling at milano. it’s these moments that uhm … okay, drop it, pieceoPathetic!
jael of lunik singing 99 luftballons at a birthday party made my weekend! pheeew. *shiverzzzz*
it took san keller and his san dance company and 9 djs only 2.5 hours to heat up the stadtgallerie pavillion to 30º !!!!
during my dj-set the temperature climbed up 4.2º from up 17.2º to 21.4º.
that’s the best dj effort!
only stadtpraesident klaus baumgartner did slightly better.
during his speech the temperature went up 5.2º from 12º to 17.2º

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