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or: how american purist morality and restrictive censorship laws get imposed all around the globe via the internet.

a few days ago i uploaded 3 screengrabs from clockwork orange to my moblog. 2 images showed alexander de large in the famous ceramic penis scene (where he attacks and eventually kills an older woman with on oversized clay penis) and 1 showed a topless woman (the temptress that was used to publically test alex’ transformation after his therapy).

which one got deleted?

you guessed it. the nipple one.

i was outraged as much about the way this was done (mat ninj4 just deleted it without informing me or giving me the chance to delete it myself, but only leaving this comment, that actually made it much worse, because he called it porn) as about the fact that it was done at all. i cleary think that this scene is artistic, the context is totally clear. it does show a female nipple, but my intention is artistic and its neither to arouse viewers nor to trivialize sexuality. so i started this discussion on the site. is hosted on an american server based in texas that has a 2 mistakes and you’re out policy. they give exactly one warning and then they shut down the server in question. they consider any nudity (including nipples, except, of course, male ones) to be pornographic. so of course its understandable that mat is worried and deletes such content. but he also allows himself to be turned into the arm that imposes the censorship. a censorship that was imposed on him by the american owners, okay, but its still him doing the necessary clicks. the fact that he feels bad about this and that the content does not bother himself personally actually makes it worse, not better. its like the social worker who has to impose unfair state rules and does so by siding with the aid recepient. its part of the lie. unless its imposed by cops its always guys like that imposing unfair rules. thats part of the plan.

dont we see how in this way distinctions, that we fought for since the 60’s are made obsolete. for instance distinctions between pornography and erotic art on one hand versus distinctions between male and female nudity on the other. freedom of expression. artistic freedom.

and what kills me is to see how in this manner american purist morality and restrictive censorship laws get imposed all around the globe. at first we mocked the resurgence of these moral values from the 50’s, saying oh those silly puritans, but now they start to affect us more and more. and the internet is the tool. paypal operates in much the same way.

we clearly allow this to happen with our americo-dependency when i comes to the internet. and it makes my recently stated demand much more urgent: we need to build an alternative internet independent of the american economy.

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