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worlwide music award
radio 1 gilles petersen is holding his annual worldwide music award again, where users can vote for best tracks, albums and clubnights of 2004. this year there will not only be a compilation made, but two parties will be held to celebrate the winners…

what worries me is how very few of these tracks and albums i know. i am sure 2 years ago i would have known almost every track. or at least read about it. even from last years winners i still knew quite a few. its amazing how fast i lost touch from the dj scene. but that also says something about the scene. quite a ghetto…

also musically interesting: song meanings, lyrics and trivia. hidden meanings, background info, gossip. nice and nerdy. [via 4rthur]

and in unrelated news: why would tfx find my website nice? is it the plastic in my name??? do i even like the word nice being used when talking about this weird blog? is this spam? will you sponsor me? come again?

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