coming to terms with mediocrity

these days i am realising, that i somehow always thought of myself as being very talented and having huge creative potential.
even though i was not there yet, i always thought of myself as being bound towards excellence.
how come? it is sort of weird, huh…

when in doubt, blame it on mother!
thanx mum, you did a great job!
[and you did raise me in the great freudian paradigm, so take this!]

well guess what: i ain’t even close to excellence and that’s the sad AND liberating truth, ruth.
i am under all terms and conditions and viewed from all angles mediocre, volker.
and: it feels good to be mediocre!, errrr volker.
too lazy? not lucky enough? not that talented after all? who cares what the explanation for my mediocrity is, azis.
it’s just good to finally acknowledge this, take a deep breath and get on with life, clive.
look at these narcisistic ambitious bastards ready to kill for there personal success, is that even an option?, robson.
i just wanna be a nice, compassionate, loving, mediocre person, have a few good deep friendships, keep my sense of humour and prepare myself well for my eventual dying, ryan.

no sweat, babette

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