dave berry on weddings

Can anything be done to halt this craziness? Yes. Alert reader Lori Rispoli has come up with a brilliant solution:

”Have you ever wondered,” she writes, “why it takes a bride months and months to plan a wedding, but a good funeral can be pulled together in two days? The elements are all the same — church, minister, music, flowers, guests, food.”

Lori is absolutely right. What we need is a law prohibiting brides from planning their weddings more than, say, a week in advance. A bride caught violating this law would be subject to severe punishment, such as being forced to walk down the aisle to the tune of I Shot the Sheriff.

Wouldn’t that be great? Brides — and their loved ones — would be spared months of insanity. Weddings would be simpler, cheaper and more relaxed. Everybody would win! Except of course the people who put out the bridal magazines. They’d have to find something useful to do. But I’m sure they’ll have no trouble. The choices are truly endless.
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