hirschhorn piss on!

hirschhorn exhibit parishirschhorn exhibit paris

oi wey. the swiss did it again. the embarassment!

in a childish reaction to the controversial exhibit by swiss artist (in exile) thomas hirschhorn the swiss senate has decided to “punish” pro helvetia, the governmental grant for the arts, that had financially supported hirschhorn’s latest exhibit in paris. the pro helvetia budget was cut by 1 million.

dont bite the hand that feeds you, is what they seem to be saying here… how very old school, but dont see how that is a form of censorship?

for the exhibit in question hirschhorn’s goal was to demystify swiss democracy and (right wing) swiss politicians just proved him right with their silly reaction.

some of the objects in the show could of course be considered provocative, like the one piece where an actor is urinating on a poster depicting christoph blocher, the right wing politician we love to hate.
since last year’s election, when christoph blocher was made federal councillor thomas hirschhorn, has stopped exhibiting his work in switzerland as a form of protest.
all i can say is, piss on, hirschhorn. you is abit way cool!

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