ruff linkage . 00004 (i think)

:flash: wobbl & bob – the dvd – shouldn’t it be wobbl & beb then?

:flash: logos logos logos logos – somehow not surprising this is a russian site

:flash: pick the worst – suffocation or electrocution? nice choice…

:flash: monkey day – wooheee! we love monkeys. we do!

:flash: how we work – good to see that others choose the slackers method. okay, few of them, but hey…

:flash: book-a-minute sf – why bother reading books?

:flash: whats this song? – great idea, but its not playing the audio here [osX, camino]

:flash: nana’s life is an ordeal – the most disturbing online comic strip yet?

:flash: NSFW danish julekalendar – *ffwwwmppf* *ffwwwmppf* *ffwwwmppf*

[via 4rthur, boingboing, ultimate insult]

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