wassup, bob?

the bob’s are out.
wasssthat? deutsche welle international weblog awards 2004 that is…

best weblog: 18摸狗日 – apparently its about dogs or summink
best design: lamalarosa – errr, horicontal scrolling??? does not load correctly on camino. designer is seen nekkid… *lechz*
best journalistic blog [english]: lessig blog – larry lessig is many things, but not a great blogger.

to sum up: i dont think so… (or: oh those silly germans!)

to be fair, i do like the domino blog that won best innovation

in completely unrelated news: check out this wonderfully silly xmas song. weeee!!! irwin chusid: santa clause. finally someone spells out for me what i am better not to do, if i want to receive my xmas presents. because santa knows! [part of the stay free! xmas offer]

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