sometimes, very few times, it is worth it to speak and understand german.

one such reason is the german comedian Ingo Appelt.
now this is guy is a killerapplication of a comedian.

dark darker DARKEST fun!

last night [stefan raab show] he suggested a “freak”-version of “staracademy” [deutschland sucht den superstar].
his rendition of a deaf person performing his song was just pure EVIL …
arfffff muuuuhhaahahhhaaa chuckle
and he even revealed, how he plans to participate in freak-superstar.
he would start smoking – twenty five packs of cigarettes a day – ’till he has cancer of the larynx – and after the operation he would sing while smoking through that whole they give you … [es sind noch kippen da, es sind noch kippen da…]

oh and of course he also described his birthprocess, but i ‘ll spare you the details …
for now!
just this much: the sound of him coming out of the womb was FLAAATSCH

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