max – the movie

oh mang, we truely live in the sticks. i should start a list of all the great movies that never make it to our movie theatres here in backcountry switzerland.

which is a long, complicated and weirdly apologetic way of saying that yesterday i finally watched max [2002] on dvd.
the controversial movie by dutch director menno meyjes staring john cussack deeply touched me – i should almost say disturbed me. but in a good way.

online i found these two interviews:
with menno meyjes @ bbc
with john cusack @ salon

cusack as usual does a great job, but the actor that most moved me was noah taylor, who does an incredible job portraying hitler as a struggeling artist, giving this controversial character just enough humanity to make the evil credible.
i mean, what’s the use of demonising this most awful historical figure? in my opinion demonising hitler only makes more such attrocity possible, because in that way evil can be projected outwards. instead showing evil with humanity forces everybody to face the potential for evil within themselves.

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