raymi poem – filewile track – moblog gone

:flash: raymi has posted [yet another] fantastic poem! [and the photos are not half bad…] thanx raymi!!!!!1

buying stuff for others because it’s what you really want
not being an activist
not trying anymore
not caring

saying this is my life
there is the supermarket
garbage day is thursday

some people knit
some people dance
and some drink
some have babies

there really isn’t a point to any of this
we want to care and we don’t want to
we want to see and forget
we want to forget forever but we can’t because we know it’s there

:flash: filewile have released a new track called camping helsinki – very cool beats and lovely uhhuhuuuhhh sample [via habi]

:flash: moblog.co.uk lost all the photos after september 20. 2004? oh noooo… thats terrifying. servers actually do lose stuff, huh… *makes frantic backups* mat has already set up a restore-tool, so lets just hope people have made backups…

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