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v.a.: he said blah blah blah - a selectah j mixv.a.: he said blah blah blah – a selectah j mix

oh no. not more shameless self-promotion…

well, its true. but, be honest, its not that bad, ey? only about once a year i do this. because basically its only about once a year that i even release a dj mix these days.

so without further ado, here is he said blah blah blah, a mix about free speech, about truth and lies, about sampling and about the power of words. words like blah, like f#%k, like cnut and shit. a selectah j mix.
please note: i do call myself a selectah. not a dj. my mixing is never beyond doubt.

so how is it:
it is shite. or let me re:phrase that: please dont ask me how it is…
because i have just spent hours, days, weeks, months working on this mix and i cant stand it anymore. in fact, i think it totally sucks. but thats just me…
the reason why i hate it might be that i simply heard it so damn often as is usally the case. give me a few months and i might actually be able to listen to it again.

he said blah blah blah is also the first (and prolly last) mix i ever did using traktor. so its completly software based. it was interesting to try this out once. but software mixing is just not the same somehow.
its very hard to do. and here i was thinking that to make a software-based mix would be a breeze. but it turns out that this was just as hard, if not harder, than making a mix using turntables. i guess its hard in different ways. at any rate it takes a lot of skill. skills that i obviously dont have…

this mix is the result of me going through and reorganizing my records this last fall. so its not made up of all the latest, newest tracks, eventhough there are a few, it contains mostly rediscovered gems. i hope you enjoy… feeedback appreciated.

so here’s the links:
mp3 player version: 92 minutes [92:35:380]. 84.77MB mp3 [128kbps]
audio CD version: 79 minutes [79:12:468]. 90.65MB mp3 [164kbps]
CD cover: 499KB pdf
complete tracklist and info: here

CC licensed

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