a history of bootlegs

tone396 has released a history of the bootlegs mix in two parts.
dl it quick! it might only be available for a day or two…

Bootleg History part 1
1. Braces Tower – Special Child (3:50)
2. Captain Bullant – without miss modular ii (4:25)
3. DJ Lance Lockarm – Wouldn’t It Be Ecstacy? (2:34)
4. JRB – wooha (rag and bone mix) (6:10)

Bootleg History part 2

1. Chocolateboy – Billie Elliott (3:00)
2. dINbOT – Hell On Wheelz (4:27)
3. girls on top – we don’t give a damn about our friends (4:02)
4. Jacques Dutronc – Le Responsable (JHC Remix).mp3 (2:11)
5. Eve Massacre – I wish i knew how it feels to (2:57)


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