ruff linkage . 00006 [or so]

[stuff what got stuck in my brwoser tabs over this last week]

:flash: sick ass videos: poodles & casual suicidee [apparently this link no longer works] – wrong and VERY wrong [via klav]

:flash: forget the freeland hellraiser here’s the freelance hairdresser – silly mash-ups i especially like bring the bean bag [via rob’s]

:flash: passengers aren’t God – rapping flight attendant self-confidence booster [via sinosplice]

:flash: prae_etoy_LOOks_andSTYLEz – what the etoy boys looked like before they turned into clones of eachother in the mid-90’s

:flash: Konsumkritik – Antiamerikanismus – Europäischer Nationalismus – thought-provoking article re: european anti-americanism – in german [via bernergazette pjotr]

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