succes! starbucks closes in bern!

hah. starbucks had to close 1 branch in bern, switzerland, because the customers stayed away.
there is only 1 starbucks left in bern now.
thats brilliant!!!!
[in thun, a smaller town close by, the only starbucks branch was recently closed as well.]

apparently starbucks is doing really well in zurich. but not at all so in bern.
which yet again proves that the obsessively uberhip inhabitants of downtown switzerland aka zurich will fall for any fad there is… even if the fad is as ridiculous as starbucks selling frappuccinos for 19.99.
on sale…

or: its good to live in an unhip place sometimes!

in related news: the starbucks email prank – via boingboing

edit: starbucks branches closing and mcDonalds visited by shopping crazed monkeys? thats Bern for you! [via bernergazette]

monkeys visit mcD

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