ruff linkage . 200501

[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]

:flash:why there is no escaping the blog – solid article about blogging to be sent to anyone who still needs an introduction [via joi ito] adds full creative commons licensing – well done, son…

:flash:barlow’s fight for 4th amendment contd. – barlow blogs his day in court

:flash:eff supports tor – cory does have the coolest job… [via boingboing]

:flash:george bush’s knob – ah… his younger days finally uncovered

:flash:virtual crack – why send someone crack? is that funny? oh really? [via pixelsurgeon]

:flash:5ives – hilarious lists of 5 [via cory boingboing]

:flash:terry richardson – go terry! you is OFFICIAL [via dr. menlo]

:flash:joi ito’s talk at CCC – joi IS the man with the plan

:flash:combating comment spam in wordpress – saddly very necessary because of poker in texas dude

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