san keller fan club

i went to see the the san keller-show last night. and guess what: san is now officially on my hero-list! [i know, i know, i have been adding many people to my hero-list as of late, but patience, tomorrow i will post a list of all my heroes in this here blog …]

so san keller is great. in fact i wanna start his fanclub!
AND: i wanna have his baby, but i am afraid this last thing will not be possible, since i am not a woman, and even if i was, he might not be attracted to me *snif*
so i guess, i am stuck with starting his fan-club then, which is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong.
and no, i do not think it’s weird to start a fan-club, man.

popstars have fanclubs.
football players have fanclubs.
hell, even flicking downhill ski racers do…

so why on earth should an artist not have a fan-club?
please do let me know if you come up with any reason why not.
i can already tell you, there aren’t any … hah

the san-keller-fan-club bern is hereby officially inofficially started.

[san keller is an action/performance artist, who does cutting edge, ironic actions in public space. he always sets up challenges for himself, that will make him tickle his limits. he is most famous for his action: san keller sleeps at your workspace, where he offered people to sleep in their offices, while they were working]

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