2004 lists of tings and dongs [updated]

best year: 2004 [that was a tough choice]

best month: april [that was easy]

most overrated fad gadget: iPod [yet again and even iPod porn did not help!]

best food: roasted chicken flavored crips by zweifel [and vegetarian even]

best trend: blogging a novel [keep em coming]

best tactics to survive the us-election traumata: bittorrenting the daily show [humour might heal all wounds, eventually, at some point, maybe]

best new techy thingsie: CC for sampling license [finally but i am so not complaining]

saddest techy thingsie: apple [they have gone so microsoft]

biggest bummer: george duubeli bush [duubeli bleibt]

most hideous word: nipplegate [we demand more nipple and less gate(s)!]

nice try: microsoft trying to push into the blogging business [think different]

saddest revival: art getting censored [but hey, farting is still legal – in some places]

best and – okay okay – only selectah j mix: he said blah blah blah

best dj mix: sofabar by dj ramax

favorite new threads: spamshirt [it is it is]

favorite blogses: xradiograph [blog.art] raymi the minx [life is poetry] dailykos [daily political rants]

funniest swf: numanuma.swf [best not to drink a glass of milk while watching this] [via habi]

most naive swiss [ex]politicians: christoph blocher, for asking google to correct the “jaemmerlicher waschlappensearch results and ruth metzler, just because…

sure signs i must be getting hella old: not one but 2 of my favorite magazines died The Face and jockey slut R.I.P.

more R.I.P.: susan sontag. john peel. joe strummer. johnny ramone. marco pantani. & way too many in southasia, sudan and iraq. and worldwide daily from malnutrition.

who should not do lists like these: people like me who can only barely remember the last few months

that’ll do. i won’t do more.
as i was still trying to decide if i should do a propper end-of year-list or sumink obviously these | guys did the best possible job ever…
and gooogle was pretty damn close…

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