april 1st

i always do try to come up with TEH genius april fools joke, but as usual i yet again fail this year.
having a look around museumofhoaxes.com does not help actually, because the competition is steep. i just say the swiss spaghetti harvest by the bbc, and rest my case. at any rate, its time to go out and harvest my spaghetti tree [because yes, it may have been a hoax back then, but in the meantime we, the crafty swiss, have invented spaghetti trees].

well, here’s something: take a guess which of the following is in fact not an april fool hoax, but then again could be. not:

:flash: gmail goes public – is this now public public or is public beta public? anyone need an invite?

:flash: boringboring.org – the boingboing.net gang has announced that they will rename their succesful blog to boringboring.org – a directory of dull things; in order to reintroduce a sense of self-irony and humility to their endeavor. here’s a mirror.

:flash: filewile releases their single barbarella as an mp3 at finetunes.net.

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