no more heroes anymore

we could be heroes, just for one day

kill yer idols

no more heroes anymore

kill the buddha when you meet him

so i admit it: i do have heroes!
i like people who do things well and with that certain intensity. i like intelligent and brave people with an edge.
my heroes have changed over the years. some were heroes for awhile and then were dropped. this is not an all-time greats list. it’s valid today. ask me tomorrow and some might not be on the list no more. generally speaking the higher up on the list, the better chance to last for awhile…

dad – mani matter – sid vicious – joe strummer – ian curtis – genesis p orridge – q-tip – david lynch – james hillman – francisco clemente – anselm kiefer – the buddha – ramana maharshi – krishnamurti – rumi – romario – chuck palahniuk – paul thomas anderson – cory doctorov – chris morris – san keller

questions: why are there no women on my list? why am i publishing this list? wtf?

ps: the inofficial san keller fanclub has been officially closed down again. i think san did not like the idea. at least he did not react to my proposal yet … which raises an interesting question: do the people for whom a fanclubs is started need to agree ???

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