very creative commies [updated]

copyleft commies
boingboing: in an interview on bill gates descibed free culture advocates as a “modern-day sort of communists.”

i really enjoyed larry lessigs blog entry about this. he sounds more like a gently scolding father saying something like: “but bill, i will have to ground you if you dont stop this kind of behaviour”. so very lovely.

and look how other creative comrades reacted…
creative comrades

meanwhile this russian photoshopper seems to quite disagree and sees microsoft as the leninists. [found while image.googling “lenin”]

and here’s me jumping the bandwagon and creating even more commie confusion:

karl lessig and josef gates
meet karl lessig and josef gates.
or is it larry marx and bill stalin?

edit: here is a torrent to a video of larry lessigs speech at yesterdays 2 year creative commons celebration, where bill gates got what he was asking for…. [via boingboing]

plus: can anybody translate what the polish guy said about my photomontage. trackback in comments

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