wiki-spammers are the saddest of the bunch

today i had tears in my eyes when i checked my wiki.
some idiot spammer had replaced all the text on the wikis frontpage with a huge list of links in a japanese looking typeface.

meaning: all my text was deleted, gone from the file, erased.
only his stuff was left covering the frontpage. i know i already wrote about this once, but back then the wiki-spammer had left the original text in tact and “just” added his links. not so this guy. he replaced it all…

now thats just so unbelievably lame, i think.
wikis are contributative, open formats and the process is based on mutual trust!

if someone spams my comments in ablog it sucks, but it feels totally different somehow. a comment spammer is taking advantage of a feature which it is my responsability to protect.

but in a wiki… ???

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